Executive Summary

Human services, including health care,  are often complex because of the number of different people involved in the process of care.    In complex systems participants always have different perspectives and often have competing responsibilities and objectives.   Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management is a conceptual framework for managing complex system.  Within this framework there is a philosophy, a strategy, and a set of tactics all designed to facilitate an effective and integrated approach to addressing the needs of people.

The TCOM approach is grounded in the concept that the various perspectives in a complex service system creates conflicts.  The tensions that results from these conflicts are best managed by keeping a focus on common objectives—a shared vision.  In human service enterprises, the shared vision is the person (or people served).  In health care, the shared vision is the patient; in the child serving system, it is the child and family, and so forth.  By creating systems that all return to this shared vision, it is easier to create and manage effective and equitable systems.
In order to accurately represent the shared vision, a structured assessment is created that directly informs service/intervention planning.  This assessment tool is used to communicate the shared vision throughout the system.  Since the individuals working directly with people are in the best position to already make their decisions based on the shared vision (the people they are serving), it is critical that the structured assessment is useful to them so that it is completed with reliability and validity.
TableFigure 1 displays example TCOM tactics.  This grid is organized by types of applications of information from the structured assessment in the rows to levels of the system in the columns.  The idea is that one strategy can be used to perform a variety of activities at different levels of the system, from service planning at the individual level to resource management at the system


To learn everything you need to know about TCOM, please click the link to download the PowerPoint presentation. TCOM PowerPoint Download

Also, to see a video presentation of an overview of TCOM, please click here

Also, here is a link to the TCOM Behavioral Health Care Book : Civic Research Institute

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