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If you have questions related to training on our TCOM tools or the TCOM Training site, please reach out to support@tcomtraining.com. All other questions can be sent to info@praedfoundation.org. You can also visit us at the IPH Center at iph.uky.edu

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There are many resources available for people who have dedicated their careers to helping.    The specific utility of these tools, will be related to the nature of the helping enterprise in which an individual works.   However, the broad categories of resources include:

  • Best practices for understanding people’s stories including how to ask difficult questions
  • Models for developing an action plan (or treatment plan, permanency plan, individual education plan or plan of care) using communimetric tools
  • Strategies for using data obtained from communimetric tools for monitoring individual progress, supervision, programs and agency performance, and system improvement.

You can find many of these resources either on our collaborative distance learning platform at tcomtraining.com or on the blog of the international TCOM collaborative at tcomconversations.org.   If you cannot find what you are looking for, please send us an email and we will send you the requested materials or perhaps link you with colleagues in the international collaborative who are working on the same topic.