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Founded in 1998, the Praed Foundation seeks to support transformational activities in human services, with a special emphasis on improving the lives of children and families.  The foundation is an operating U.S. Charitable organization 501.c.3. The primary work of the Foundation is in support of a mass collaboration of individuals who seek to use evidence-based assessments as an approach to working together to maintain the focus of human service enterprise on the people they seek to help. The conceptual framework for this approach is called Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM). The foundation has supported the developed and dissemination of a set of strategies under the TCOM umbrella that support system improvement.   

The Praed Foundation maintains the copyrights on a variety of tools that support TCOM including the Child & Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS), the Family Advocacy and Support Tool (FAST), the Crisis Assessment Tool (CAT), the Adult Needs and Strengths Assessment (ANSA), the Safe Systems Improvement Tool (SSIT), and the Readiness Inventory for Successful Entrepreneurship (RISE). Our goal is to ensure the intellectual integrity of these tools will making them accessible to all who share the goal of helping others.



  • Founders Award: Betty Walton, PhD
  • Family Advocate Champion: De Lacey Davis, EDD
  • Systems Champion: Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services
  • Provider Champion: Shelly Paule, MSW, LCSW


  • Founders Award: Saw-Han Quah
  • Youth Advocate Award: Humbolt County Transition Age Youth Collaborative
  • Systems Award: California Department of Social Services
  • Agency Award: Northern Rivers


  • Founders Award: Carol Schroeder
  • System Level: Kyla Clark; Tanya Albornoz, Utah
  • Agency Level: Dan Warner
  • Parent System/Family Partner Level: Jennifer Griffis
  • Parent/Family Partner Level: Janet Hoeke


  • Founders Award: Nathanial Israel
  • System Level: Tim Kelly
  • Agency Level: Barbara Dunn; Seneca
  • Direct Care Level: Julie Bourne; Eileen Chappell


  • Individual Level: Madeline Lozoski
  • System Level: Alexander Jackson; Alameda County, CA
  • Program Level: Paul Brylske; Kennedy Krieger
  • International Level: Alexander Jackson; the Ministry of Social and Family Development in Singapore


  • Founders Award: Bryan Samuels, Chapin Hall; Robin Orland, Allegheny County
  • Program Level: David Channer
  • Individual Level: Shahrukh Chisty, Napa County, CA


  • Founders Award: Ann Marie LoPrieno
  • System Level: Ken McGill; Timothy Hougen
  • Program Level: Shahrukh Chisty, Napa County, CA


  • System Level: Mark Lardner
  • Program Level: Marg Cox, PointinTime, Ontario, Canada


  • Program Level: Knute Rotto and Vicky Effland, Choices, Inc.


  • System Level: Nathaniel Israel


  • System Level: Irwin McEwen, Illinois
  • Program Level: Suzanne Button, Astor Children’s Center
  • Family Level: Julie Hladio, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania


  • System Level: Brian Hancock, New Jersey
  • Program Level: April Fernando, Westcoast Children’s Clinic


  • System Level: Randal Lea, Tennessee
  • Agency & Direct Service Level: Lise Bisnaire & Stephanie Greenham, Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ohio
  • Family Level: Nancy Craig, New York State


  • System Level: Betty Walton, PhD, Indiana University
  • Agency Level: Knute Rotton, Choices Inc.
  • Direct Service Level: Erika Crawford, Tennessee Department of Children and Families
  • Family Level: Robin Joyce, Wayside Youth Services, Massachusetts


  • Stephanie Hanko (Illinois Department of Children & Family Services)


  • Murielle Elfman & Candace Putter (Philadelphia Department of Human Services)


  • Diane Borgeson (New Jersey’s Partnership for Children)