SuzanneButtonDr. Suzanne Button is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who completed her doctoral training at the University of Virginia in 1997. For more than twenty years, she provided direct care, management, training, supervision, and consultation in behavioral health care, social service, and educational settings. As Director of Program Improvement with Astor Services for Children & Families, Dr. Button was the lead in that agency’s early adoption of the CANS-MH for use as a collaborative treatment planning and total clinical outcomes management tool. Dr. Button has extensive experience in the implementation, monitoring and sustaining of large-scale procedural and practice changes in behavioral health, social service, and educational settings. Her work as an Assistant Executive Director with Astor Services for Children & Families in New York State has included lead roles in the transformation of Astor into a lead agency in the evidence-based and data-informed practice movement, pilot implementation of a web-based clinical outcomes decision support tool, and taking executive lead on full implementation of an electronic health record across 38 diverse service sites. Dr. Button has published, presented, and trained nationally on such subjects as effective EBP implementation in public service systems, use of the CANS in treatment planning and TCOMS, the use of technology to transform clinical practice, and the infusion of collaboration into work with marginalized children and families.