An important focus of the TCOM group is the use of collaboration as a core component of creating a shared vision to guide our work. In the U.S. democracy, collaboration and visioning begins through all of us exercising our civic duty to vote. This is one important way for ALL of our voices to be heard. While no single vote may make much difference, the collective vote establishes a great deal about the direction that we take as a state or a nation in solving problems.

There are resources that can help us help.  The National Alliance of the Mentally Ill (NAMI) offers very useful information about the laws in each state.

The following sites can help with felony disenfranchisement.

The American Bar Association provides resources for people with disabilities, minority voters and adults under guardianship.   

Additional resources include   NAACP Voter Registration  and When We All Vote


The first step of course is to register.  A great resources is

Here you can found out whether you or someone you are working with currently registered and, if not, they can register through this site.    You can also use this site to request an absentee ballot to allow them to vote by mail if that is their preference and available in their state.