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Si tiene preguntas relacionadas con la formación sobre nuestras herramientas TCOM o el sitio de formación TCOM, póngase en contacto con support@tcomtraining.com. Todas las demás preguntas pueden enviarse a info@praedfoundation.org. También puede visitarnos en el Centro IPH en iph.uky.edu

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  • Recertification Instructions (PDF): Recertification.pdf
  • All steps already say “Completed”: It is not uncommon to see all steps still listed as “Completed” while attempting to recertify. Despite this, passing the Certification Exam again will earn the recertification. 
  • Can’t find recertification course: You will want to use the same course for recertification as the original certification (exception for Ohio). Some bundles require annual re-enrollment, if you cannot find your course for recertification, this is most likely the case. You can use the steps in this linked video to re-enroll -> Enroll in your bundles.
  • Can’t find new certificate: A list of all your certificates as well as downloadable PDFs of them can be found by hovering over the “Me” tab on your TCOM Training account and selecting “My Certifications” from the menu that appears.
  • First Time Certification Instructions (PDF): First Time Certification.pdf
  • Incorrect Bundle/Courses: The bundles and courses you see are tied to the Agency you are registered with. To ensure you see the correct bundle/courses, make sure you register with the correct agency. If you have registered with the wrong agency or have other issues, please email support@tcomtraining.com. 
  • No Code from Live Training: If you attended a Live Training for your course and did not receive a coupon code for your course, please reach out to your Instructor. If you cannot get in contact with your Trainer, contact support@tcomtraining.com. 
  • Code is Invalid: First, check to ensure the code is being used on the correct bundle. If it is, the code is either expired or has reached it’s maximum amount of uses. Reach out to your agency to see if they have a more up to date code. If they need to purchase more codes, they can reach out to support@tcomtraining.com. 
  • New User Registration Instructions (PDF): New User Registration.pdf
  • Cannot Find Agency For Registration: Please note, you may need to type your agency name into the menu to make it appear. If you have tried this and it is still not appearing or you need to register a new agency, please send the following information to support@tcomtraining.com:
    • Agency Name: 
    • State:
    • County:
    • Agency Type (Child Welfare OR Behavioral Health):
    • Is your agency contracted with a state/regional agency (if so provide the name of the agency you contract with):
    • Is there a specific course you need to be certified in:
  • Already Have an Account From Previous Agency: If you already have an account, there is no need to create a new one. The email and agency for your previous account can be updated so you maintain all previous certifications. Please send the following to support@tcomtraining.com: 
    • Previous Email: 
    • New Email: 
    • New Agency: 
  • Please use www.tcomtraining.com for registration, not Schoox.com. 
  • Password Recovery Instructions (PDF): Forgot Password.pdf
  • Access Denied by Administrator (Account Deactivated): Accounts that have gone more than three months since their last certification expired are deactivated at the end of every month. If your account has been deactivated, reach out to support@tcomtraining.com to have it reactivated. Please note, after the account is reactivated, you will need to recertify before the end of the month to prevent the account from being deactivated again. 
  • Password Recovery is Not Working: If you are not receiving the Password reset emails, please reach out to support@tcomtraining.com with the email and first/last name as it appears on your account. 
  • Codes With 4 or Fewer Uses: If the code you are purchasing needs 4 or fewer uses, please use the instructions on the linked video here ->  Enroll in your bundles.
  • Codes With More Than 4 Uses: For codes with more than 4 uses, please reach out to support@tcomtraining.com.
  • If you would like assistance passing the courses from a trained coach, please reach out to coaching@tcomtraining.com.
  • If you are wanting to register for a Live Training for your course, please reach out to livetraining@tcomtraining.com. 
  • We are committed to giving everyone a fair chance to achieve our certifications. For information about testing accommodations, please reach out to support@tcomtraining.com.