TrainingSiteThe ANSA, CANS, and FAST tools along with similar communimetric approaches are not like traditional measures.  The approach is uniquely designed to support shared visioning and effective communication.   As such, ethical use of these tools requires training and certification.   In 2011, the Praed Foundation centralized all certifications in an effort to ensure the integrity of the approach.   Most people certify on the Foundation’s collaborative training website at  which is provided at cost.   This interactive training and certification site provide a full training experience with videos, quizzes, practice vignettes with feedback and certification testing.   In addition, information about TCOM and the full use of these approaches is provided to help make this site a rich learning environment.


Some jurisdictions purchase this site for use by people in their countries, states, provinces, or counties others require people to purchase access themselves.   If you need discount coupon codes or have any questions about the training and certification website, please contact our Distance Learning Operations Lead, Lauren Schmidt at:

If the low cost of the site is not surmountable, jurisdictions and agencies can use certified trainers to provide training and collected test vignettes to be submitted to the Foundation for reliability assessment.


Certified Trainer/SuperUser training experiences are available to create the capacity of people to training on these approaches.